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We are very pleased that you are part of the Teesville Academy community and The IRIS Learning Trust.  Teesville Academy is determined to ensure all those who pass through its doors leave with memorable experiences that last a life time. This means that we are committed to developing the most highly trained and motivated staff, confident and capable pupils and parents who have developed skills, strong links and happy memories. This, in turn, means that your child will be given the best possible opportunities for learning throughout their time at Teesville. We aim to ensure that every child experiences success in all areas of learning and that includes their self-esteem and confidence. A child who believes in him/herself will go far.

We regard your child’s education as a partnership between home and school, and much depends on the strength of that partnership. We hope you will take every opportunity to work with school to support and encourage your child’s learning. Children need to know from us all that education is important and highly valued.

We hope your child settles quickly and is very happy during his/her time at Teesville Academy. As one child told the Ofsted team – “Every day is an adventure!” We hope that that is true for us all and look forward to a long and successful association with you.
Mrs Jill Ashman  Mrs Sharon Weston
Heads of School


Our parents believe that:
"We have a wide range of after school activities which support our children."
"Children are happy in and around school.  My daughter thoroughly enjoys going to school and is doing really well.  The staff are fantastic and encourage children to learn and develop.  Classrooms are very stimulating and child friendly."
"Teachers and Teaching Assistants praise my child when doing well and keep me informed of any issues."
"Lots of encouragement towards children.  My child's confidence has grown a lot this year."
"Ensures my child is safe and happy at school"
"Good relationships between teachers and pupils.  Good clean school and grounds.  Parents have good involvement with kids and activities.  Good structured classes and use of topics."
"Keep children safe and happy.  Teachers join in with the children.  Teaching is good, fun lessons.  Good lunchtime staff and nice reading books"
"Behaviour, rewards, safe environment, open door policy with class teacher and happy children"
"Teaching is good children are learning most of the time.  Different councils etc. gets children involved"
"All children seem to be very happy and confident at school.  Text message service is great"
"Have a really good reward and behaviour system.  Staff are friendly.  Really supportive of my child and have good relationships."
Topics for the classes are always interesting and keep the kids interested."