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  2. Safeguarding our children and families

Safeguarding our children and families

At Teesville Academy we are committed to safeguarding, and promoting the welfare and well -being of all of our pupils and adults. We recognise that some children may be especially vulnerable which can impact on other children either directly or indirectly. We always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all of our pupils and families.

Keeping children safe is our number one priority. We ensure that the safety and wellbeing of every child is at the centre of every decision we make.

Everyone working in our school has a responsibility to help keep children and young people safe by:

•providing a safe environment for children and young people to learn and

•identifying children and young people who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are kept safe both at home and in school.

Safeguarding Team

  • Mrs. Ashman  is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Nominated Teacher for Looked After Children (LAC).


  • Mrs Weston, Mr Francis and Mrs Hussain are the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.


  • Mrs G Faint  is the Designated Governor for Safeguarding and Looked After Children (LAC).


Our Safeguarding team (school staff only) work closely on a daily basis.  We use Cpoms to record any safeguarding concerns and to keep each other regularly updated. In addition we hold regular meetings to share information about children in our school, discuss any concerns that we have and to ensure our practice is up to date, effective and meets the needs of our children.

 If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of children, please speak to the staff members listed above.



Mrs Jill Ashman, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teesville Academy. 01642 452806.

If Jill Ashman is unavailable, please ask for Mrs Sharon Weston.